• What are Binary Options?

    A Binary Option is a type of trade offering a fixed return that is predetermined between a broker and a trader during the onset of the contract.

  • What kind of returns (income) can I make with Binary Options?

    Binary Options traders earn percentages on their returns. While different Binary Option broker return amounts vary, Tip Option offers some of the most favourable return amounts available: 70%- 85% return when the chosen options expires ‘in the money‘.
    On a selection of available options, Tip Option will refund a percentage of the invested amount even if the option expires ‘out of the money’.

  • What is an Underlying Asset?

    Underlying Assets are internationally traded financial properties and resources including currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. Traders who want to learn more can visit the Asset Table for further information.

  • What types of trading instruments does Tip Option offer?

    Tip Option offers our traders three instrument types to make the most of their investment opportunities:
    Touch/No Touch
    60 Second Trades 2 Minutes 5 Minutes
    Each instrument is designed to help different types of investors use a wide variety of strategizing to succeed in trading Binary Options.

  • What is the 'Target Price' of an option?

    Target prices are the purchase amount at which Tip Option is willing to sell the option. These amounts are predetermined by’ Tip Option’s market analyses, based on the most current data available. Traders can opt to buy an option above or below the target price depending on the way that they anticipate the asset is likely to move.

  • What is the 'expiry time' and 'expiry level' of an option?

    The expiry time is the specific hour and date when the time allotted for estimating the direction of an asset’s market value closes. The expiry time is automatically displayed to’ Tip Option’s traders and adjusts to their time zone accordingly.
    The expiry level is the Underlying Asset’s market value at the expiry time. The level determines whether the option expired ‘in the money’ or ‘out of the money’. For further explanation on exactly how the expiry level is calculated please visit the Expiry Calculation page.

  • Can I close an option before the expiry time?

    Once a trader invests in an option he/she has a gap 2 minutes after opening the trade to until 7minutes before the options expiry to close it.

  • What are ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’ expiries?

    An option which expires “in the money” is one which has met the trader’s estimated conditions. Likewise, an option which expires “out of the money” is one that has not met the traders estimated conditions.

  • What happens if my option expires at the target price?

    If an option expires at the target price, which is possible for a High/Low or Boundary Instruments, 100% of the initial investment will be returned by Tip Option to the trader.

  • What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts for a single option?

    The minimum amount a trader can invest in an option with is 1 USD or 100 JPY. The maximum amount is 5,000 USD or 500,000 JPY.

  • Which currencies can I use to make deposits?

    It is possible to make deposits Tip Option with,USD or JPY. The trading currency is selected as part of the registration process and once selected cannot be changed.

  • How do I make a withdrawal?

    All requests for withdrawals will be sent to the same account used to make the initial deposit. If there are problems doing so, Tip Option will process the withdrawal by wire transfer to a bank account with the name of the account holder. For in-depth details regarding how to make a withdrawal please refer to our banking page.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD, or 10,000 JPY. Any additional withdrawal within the same month will be charged a fee of 40 USD, or 4,000 JPY per withdrawal.

  • What are the maximum and minimum deposit amounts?

    There are no limits on the amount a trader can deposit. The first minimum investment amount for a single option is 500 USD,or 50000YEN.

  • What happens if I lost or forgot my password?

    If you forget or lose your password you can go to the password retrieval page and follow the simple steps there. Your password will be sent to the email you indicate provided it matches your registered email address.

  • Where can I view my account balance and transaction history?

    Your account balance and completed transaction history is available in the “My Account” section accessible to registered users.

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