Open Account Procedure

<Open Account Procedure with Tip Option>

The Open Account Procedure with Tips Option is as follows.

1)Click on the “Open Account” tap on the website.

2)Fill into the open your free account form.

3)Submit proof of Identification.

-Official ID with Picture(not expired)
-Proof of address
-If credit card was used to depositfunds: Credit card front and back showing only the last 4 digits

**Please note that if a trader uses multiple credit to depositfunds, the documents listed above will be required for each credit

4)Conducting the necessary inquires

5)Customers will be notified an open account by e-mail
(This will enable proper crediting of your account)

6)Need to deposit to open your account(overseas telegraphic transfer)

7)Credit accounts are opened

<Identity Verification with Tip Option>

To complete all of the opening account, we will need an identify verifications. The certificate of residence you must provide to be issued within 6 months prior to the application date.

i) passport holder (2 types of identity).
▶ A copy of your passport (the page that nationality can confirm) +
▶Driver’s license (the page that address can confirm) or
▶Health insurance identification card or
▶A public utility charge receipt

ii) non-possession passport (2 types of identity).
▶Driver’s license + a public utility charge receipt
▶Health insurance identification card + a public utility charge receipt
▶The certificate of residence + a public utility charge receipt

You must hand out 2 types of identity. If the identity verifications that you submitted is unclear images, the company may request to you provide the identity verifications again.



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