Privacy Policy

In a subsequent period and the duration of the interaction with our company, your privacy, confidentiality and Tip Option is, we will make every effort to hold the security.

When customers register to Tip Option, it shall confirm the intention to share with us will be used for the purpose to guarantee the security of the transaction account our and payment and identification of customers, a certain personal information.

By having voluntarily mutual relationship with the products and services of Tip Option registered Tip Option, customers all of the information to be provided with respect to mutual relationship to do with us for the Tip Option trading account, and our transactions made through it. It is assumed that you agree to this or make sure that you agree with the use of some.
Interrelationship of all customers have with our company because it is stored in the record purposes by our company, you may also be used by us in the case disputes, such as occurred during the Tip Option and customers.

You may take from time to time contact you by telephone or e-mail for the purpose of providing additional information on financial market transactions or binary options trading Tip Option to Tip Option.
Our company, you may also be contacted by telephone or e-mail to the customer for the purpose of notice of sales promotion proposal of their own that has been provided by the Tip Option to you for further.
You agree that when you agree to the terms and Terms and Conditions of our company at the time of registration to the Tip Option, to receive the contact in question.
If you wish to reject the further contact from Tip Option, at any time in any case, it is assumed that there is an obligation to contact the company by e-mail or telephone, convey to that effect us.



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