Trading rules

Purchase amount is more than 100 JPY or 1 USD.
The maximum purchase price is 500,000 JPY or US $5,000 USD.
Minimum initial deposit amount is 50,000 JPY or more 500 USD.
Binary options trading loss cut our. It is not a margin trading, maximum loss from transactions is equal to the purchase price, there is no loss cut.
In addition, you can surrender to the middle, but it is not a cut losses in the strict sense.
In trading regulations … We, we have carried out monitoring of loss situation in the trading of our customers on a regular basis, and such that the loss is not excessive, there is a case where I am allowed to regulate the trading of customers.
Loss of one per transaction is limited, but there is also a possibility that you do speculative trading of excessive loss of accumulated becomes large binary options. We ask that the basis of the assets, such as your own, I am committed to trading in moderation.
Exchange trading … purchase amount of the transaction price will be deducted at the time of purchase. Transactions after the end to Tip Option account, payout amount will be reflected from time to time.
Or one or more of our time, it is determined that due if the reason of the sudden change trading halt reason … natural disasters, political upheaval, of foreign currency situation, serious incident occurs, we offer the products to customers is not appropriate When you became a situation such as to provide a significant impact on shareholders’ equity, stop the transaction, and will conduct a refund of the purchase price, depending on the situation.
If it is determined that it is not possible to continue the transaction by the system failure or the like, to stop the transaction, perform the refund of the purchase price in the circumstances.
500,000 JPY or 5,000 USD: The maximum purchase price of one trading limit .

Deposit Currency … United States Dollar or Japanese Yen
Transaction fee … Free
Account maintenance costs … Free
If you are due to the failure of correspondence … system failure, the rate at which it was clearly erroneous has been discovered, there are times when it is corrected, such as profit and loss or cancellation of the transaction.



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