Ways of Trading

Order operation

Please input User ID and Password and log it in to the dealings screen.

Please click after selecting the option have dealings over on Dealings list screen.
(1) High. Low or Above Below is selected from ‘Low high dealings.
(2) Touch or No touch is selected from ‘One-touch dealings.
(3) In or Out is selected from ‘Cooking stove dealings.
(4) Dealings for 60 seconds’ selects 60 seconds. Dealings for two minutes and five minutes are so on.

Please click the option over which it has dealings from the list of displayed dealings.

Order screen changes.

Please click the forecast fluctuation in prices on Order screen.

(1) Low high dealings and Dealings at five minutes of two minutes for 60 seconds select Height or Low.
(2) One-touch dealings selects Touch or No touch .
(3) Range dealings’ selects In or Out.

Please input the amount of the current transaction after confirming the account balance.
- The purchasing price : until 5,000USD (500,000 JPY) .every 1USD (100 JPY).

It is ordered when Order button is clicked and the order is contract.
- Please note that the confirmation screen does not go out.

The order is displayed and contents of transaction are displayed on contract ”

Possession position screen.



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